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He glanced over at Qui-Gon, "They told us the truth. We should tell them the truth also. However, I do not think that now would be a good time.

Darth Maul Force FX Black Series Lightsaber Review

Your current mental state is not up to dealing with this, nor is mine. I have a feeling we will be debating possible outcome and the will of the Force for quite a while when all is revealed. Although, I believe we can be more relaxed around them. Their intentions appear to be pure in this instance. I would still exercise caution in spite of their truthfulness. These are not the Jedi that we are. I would like time to consider the differences. Can you do this for me?

Obi-Wan snorted, "Of course I can do it for you. I have been trained as a Jedi. I simply need to adjust to the fact that the Skywalkers are my parents. It truly is not much different from what I believed before if you discount the whole mechanical-accident-time-travel-thing. Come then. I think you have a family reunion to attend. Obi-Wan shifted in his seat as he looked over the holo-book of his baby pictures.

There seemed to be quite a few. Luke cleared his throat, "The family sort of went overboard with the pictures. You probably don't remember, but you were sort of the Jedi mascot for awhile. Qui-Gon nearly choked on the tea he was drinking. Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed in a glare in his master's direction before returning to the book. Qui-Gon shook his head, "Forgive me, but the thought of Ben being the Temple mascot amuses me.

I am not used to referring to the Jedi as an Academy.


You should know, I believe, that where I come from. The Temple was still very much standing and occupied by Jedi. Luke spoke first, "I'm sorry. It is just that we are somewhat used to everyone knowing about the family. My father was a Jedi. He went to the darkside and helped with the annihilation of the Jedi. The only difference between wearing one and not is whether or not it says "Wanted -Arthur Morgan" or just "Wanted.

I started an entirely different save file because I didn't want to mess up my game. Maybe they did this on purpose though since the game is about redemption and the real consequences of being an outlaw. I very much agree that it is one of the best games of all time It's in my top 3, very well may be 1st but there's not a lot to do after the main story. Like any other open world game, there's some side stuff to do but it honestly feels just like a chore.

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Luckily the storyline is massive. That guy made some genuine good criticisms of TLJ but I gave up on that when he said "fat asian bitch". It seems like a normal Bethesda release. Did they expect that Bethesda venturing into an online RPG would not be a buggy mess? Reusing animations, dated engine, and a buggy mess. What part of this is unexpected? For real, I can appreciate being upset with a buggy game but I feel like most of the people on that sub still bitching are just picking up any and every legitimate criticism and using it as fuel to perpetuate the "Fuck bethesda for taking the RP outta our G" circlejerk that was birthed from fallout 4.

Like literally anything to help reinforce their anti-BGS whining they are running with while conveniently ignoring obvious things like the fact that this isn't fallout 5, and its the first online game the company has made etc. I almost kinda wish in an ironic twist of events that they would have made "New Vegas Online" instead of 76 just to stir the shitpot of fallout "fans".

They re used assets for other games so its essentially derived of any possible enjoyment. Thanks for holding a gun to my head and making me buy it Todd! Hey guys I saw the same shit happen with Teen Titans Go! However, it's a very solid comedy kids movie in and of itself. Thus the good reviews. However, an inability to disentangle your feelings about one iteration of a franchise from other iterations is essential to being a True Gamer. Salty gamer-incels giving a game a zero despite not playing it or Bethesda dropping off phat stacks in an ominous black suitcase to Kotaku in a busy train station.

No, New Vegas 2 would be too different from New Vegas. It has to be a carbon copy of NV to be good. It's not directly saying to a site "You have to give our game at least a 6, here's money. I dunno, mobster-y? More like "Oh, our ad money specifically makes up half of your ad revenue. Wouldn't it just suck if suddenly you had to find a new advertiser, just because of a review score you gave our game?

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This happens across the media industry. My family owns a small lifestyle magazine and it happened to me when I wrote a bad review about an advertiser. When a company pays a youtuber to come to x country and play their game for free because they know what kind of response theyre going to get, well I think its pretty safe to assume this is happening in almost all industries, and in some cases to a much more blatant extent. It's not a stretch to think the gaming industry is like this.

A good example would be jackfrags. I know he really does like battlefield games and he has been critical at times, but you're fooling yourself if you think he isn't aware of his position as one of the game's biggest hype men. Also I think Not giving reviewers a copy early would hurt them so they can threaten them to at least give them better ratings or no early copys anymore.

Nothing really, the post is focused on the screenshot but the title is a reference to how Star Wars fans think that critics were paid to give the movie good reviews. Ah okay, I had never heard of that conspiracy theory. Thanks for explaining and not having a heated gaming moment on me. I am extremely sensitive about this. I come from the 90's gamer identity and I feel personally attacked by people like anita sarkeesian. It is not harmless social critique to people like me. It is an attack to the very core of my character as a human being and an assault on a past time that I have dedicated countless hours and unknown amounts of money on.

Honestly, if you are gonna cast video games that I play in the role of societal negatives I am going to defend them and demand empirical evidence that they are such things. Not personal subjective opinions edited together as a misleading critique on youtube. Gamingcirclejerk has always been a cancerous refuge for people who can't stand someone criticising games they like. Lately they have had a particular hardon for Fallout 76, anyone who dares point out Bethesdas obvious shortcomings is ruthlessly brigaded. I would be fine with it were they to get their jimmies rustled when someone criticised say RDR2 or TW3, since those games can at least be said to be somewhat provably good source: Come the fuck on.

That game is almost universally hated by the internet, especially if you scale away what mods did for its entertainment value.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - ROTS - Basic (III 55)

If you find the urge to downvote this, know that you are at your very core, a peasant. You quite literally a slave. So if you are a slave, want to be a slave, then stop pretending to be a free person and go back to being a slave.

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Slaves don't get to be heard or have any rights. Fallout 76 kinda has the same problem that Destiny 2 did.

Jus like dee Last Jedi : Gamingcirclejerk

Half of the people talking about it are circlejerking about how awful it is without any helpful criticism and the other half are circlejerking about how awful the people complaining about the game are without any good arguments about what the game does do well.

Meanwhile the dev team refuses to listen to the community or even acknowledge that anything needs fixing, and the game's playerbase drops massively after launch. Then the posts about posts come. Then soon people are just making posts that are about posts that are passive aggressively about another post about a review. I wish everyone would just shut up. Yeah, I honestly think this is going to be a common occurrence for the future of Bethesda games, or potentially any game series. It happened to Fallout 4 and now with In general, for new releases, it seems better to go to the game-specific subreddit rather than the series subreddit if you want any useful or meaningful conversation.

I've always hated this "what's up with these good reviews? I thought the movie was bad so they must be payed! Games are an artform, despite how many games don't feel like it, and as such they should be treated as all other forms of art are. When Kid Cudi's Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven came out, you didn't see a sane person defending its objective qualities, because they were objective broken.

I don't understand why games are such an exception. I think the sentiment of the post in question is wrong, but seriously, why do we keep giving exceptions to these fucking busted-ass games? I honestly think that even if I liked Fallout 76, I could only imagine giving it a 5 or 4. I'm sorry, I'm just sick of these inflated review scores and people not taking games seriously at all. Even if there has, I don't think anyone does this anymore. They don't bribe up but they're often incentivized. Like if a game company pays for your hotel visit to some sweet location to play the game and talk to the devs you're incentivized to give the game a higher score so that you can keep doing that.

Also, many game magazines used to only have ad revenue from within the gaming sphere, so a publisher threatening to pull their ads was a real threat. Reason no. Reviewers put effort into writing these reviews, and these fuckers just skip straight to the number that is completely arbitrary and means different things to everyone and go on a outrage where their opinion is the only one that matters and everyone else is a paid shill Like if the game had less than 9 out of 10 it was SJWs being mad about beating up minorities.

I'm gonna play 76 with my buddy. We're both huge fallout fans. He lives in Florida and I live in WA state, so gaming is how we can hang out. The game might a steaming pile of crap to some, but I know we'll have a blast being able to enjoy a fallout game together for once. We can laugh at bugs together, make some stupid forts and honestly I think we'll get our money's worth out of it.

That said, the circle jerk around this game is actually mad. Any interesting content on YouTube is just buried under endless streamers chatting the same boring shit. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Gamingcirclejerk comments.

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Sidious shrugged of his annoyance and placed an incredibly forced smile onto his, knowing that if he showed his anger to the child it would inevitably cause another rant from the kid about hating him almost as much as sand. Y'know, blue, green, yellow, white, an' even purple! We all only have one colour to use! It makes the Sith seem An' for that matter, why do we all have to wear black! Making himself look as imposing as he could he gazed down at the child through his yellowy eyes, gritting his teeth as hard as he could then booming down to the kid.

It is both evil and intimidating! When Jedi see that colour then cower in their fancy, different coloured robes! We are the true master's of the Forc-". And because we all wear black with red lightsabers I can't tell anyone appart!